The Dallas warehouse Story

How do you tell a story about a warehouse in Dallas? I mean, you don’t even have to stop there. How do you tell a story about a warehouse anywhere, not just Dallas? That’s what I’m struggling with here. As a part of my writing course we shall all write a story about a place that we’ve worked in. As many of you know, my work experience leaves much to be desired. I haven’t done much so I had to dig deep to find anything at all. I found the warehouse in Dallas that I was working in when I finished high school. I picked that.

If you’re a good story-teller, you’ll be able to make up a good story about anything. Am I such a good story-teller that warehouse in Dallas will be a good topic for my audience? We will see, people. We will see.

The story goes like this.

I was looking for quick and well-payed work in Dallas and I landed on the warehouse. How that happened? Pretty undramatic, they were looking for people and me and my friend applied. I got the job and he didn’t. This took us on different paths in life and I can’t help but thinking that the warehouse situation in Dallas had a lot to do with it. He travelled abroad, by himself, found a girlfriend, decided to stay. Today, he lives in Melbourne with 3 kids. Maybe that would have been me? I mean, I’ve been in Melbourne, I love the city, but I’m not sure that would have been something for me.

After the warehouse I stayed in Dallas. It was the city I knew and that I had grown up in. It was safe. I worked at the warehouse in Dallas for around 1 year before I was moving on. It was sometime around then that I found blogging interesting. That I actually had something to say. The funny thing is that the warehouse in Dallas might have contributed to this. Now that I’m thinking about it, I brought stories to tell my coworkers on Fridays. It was a whole thing during the lunch break. Sometimes they would be good and sometimes they sucked, but I never missed a Friday, not once.

I did not expect to find that about the warehouse I Dallas as I was looking back at it. It is truly interesting how things you do in life results in a chain of things. And that it keeps being like that. 

I’ll get back to you on this. I promise.


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